About Me
Dr. Aaron Adair is a Massacusetts-based physics researcher and educator, having earned his Ph.D. from the Ohio State Univeristy in 2013. 
He am the author of several chapters of scholarly books and the author of The Star of Bethlehem: A Skeptical View​. 

Besides these various scholarly pursuits, he is a long-distance runner, having now run in dozens of races from 5k to ultra-marathon length. Hopefully soon I'll qualify for the Boston Marathon.
Employment & Teaching Experience
Department of Science, Malden Catholic High School (Malden, MA) 2016-present
Instructor for honors and algebra-based AP physics courses. Advisor for STEM Club, Astronomy Club, and Stock & Trade Club.
Department of Physics, Merrimack College (North Andover, MA) 2014-2016
Visiting Assistant Professor. Instruction and lecturing for first-year calculus-based physics students. Assistant to lecturer for algebra-based physics courses. Conducted advanced physics lab course. Duties include office hours, grading, lecturing, lab preparation, along with forming a curriculum.
Department of Physics, Ohio State University (Columbus, OH) 2008-2014
Teaching Assistant. Worked in first-year physics courses, both calculus and algebra-based. Duties included office hour tutoring, quiz and test grading, lab activities, recitation periods.
Ohio Contemporary Chinese School, Worthington Kilbourne High School (Columbus, OH) 2013-2014
Sunday school physics lecturer and tutor. Helping to prepare high school students take the AP Physics C tests as well as generally supplement high school physics lectures. Using more advanced pedagogy than traditional lectures.
Abrams Planetarium, Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI) 2003-2008
Planetarium show presenter. Duties included prepping systems (projectors, special effects, computers, etc.), introducing main show, presenting star talk, setting up telescopes, and answering questions. Planetarium used a digital star projector (Digistar II).

Leadership Lab Initiative, Harvard Graduate School of Education (Cambridge, MA) 2016-present
Investigating and publishing on the nature of workplace responsibility and the meaning of doing good work. Publications focusing on the concept of responsibility and intersectional ethics.
Visiting Assistant Professor, Merrimack College (North Andover, MA) 2014-2016
Research program in physics education outcomes from student-centered methods, measure of evolution of physics conceptions, and the history of science. Guest/assistant lecturer for science and religion course. Contributing to investigation into exotic spaces.
Physics Education Research Group (PERG), Ohio State University (Columbus, OH) 2010-2014
Graduate researcher. Includes data collection from concept inventories, computer simulations, and student interviews. Examination of data with statistical tools, including model analysis. Major research project required setting up for lectures and providing online materials to students. Other projects included creating a new reasoning test, creating a project-based curriculum for teaching Newtonian mechanics, and designing test questions with distractors. Thesis research concentrated on feeling of non-physical forces and learning gains after changes to classroom pedagogy compared to control groups. Advisor: Lei Bao.
ATLAS Experiment, CERN, Ohio State University (Columbus, OH) 2009-2010
Graduate researcher. Analysis of signal decay in parts for particle detector optics, radiation-hardening of new components. Spent summers on-site at CERN. Advisor: KK Gan.
SETI Institute , The Center for SETI Research (Mountain View, CA) 2007
Summer REU. Radio emission collection at 22 cm with Alan Telescope Array, created a new layout of map of neutral hydrogen in Milky Way. Work done remotely and on-site, programming in Java. Advisor: Gerry Harp.

  • “Mass Education on Science and its History: Using Misconceptions in Physics to Teach History and Science” in Sonja Brentjas, Taner Edis, Lutz Richter-Bernburg, How (not) to Narrate History of Science, Medicine and Technology in Non-Western Cultures: 1001 Inventions and Its Problems with History, Science and Technology, Ergon Verlag, 2016.
  • “Project-Based Learning: Theory, Impact, and Effective Implementation”, REAL: Research in Education, Assessment, and Learning 3, 1 (March 2012), pp. 6-21. With Lei Bao
​History & Religion
  • “The Bethlehem Star” in John W. Loftus, Christianity in the Light of Science: Critically Examining the World’s Largest Religion, Prometheus, 2016.
  • “A Critical Look at the History of Interpreting the Star of Bethlehem in Scientific Literature and Biblical Studies” in George van Kooten, Peter Barthel, The Star of Bethlehem and the Magi: Interdisciplinary Perspectives from Experts on the Ancient Near East, the Greco-roman World, and Modern Astronomy. Brill, 2015.
  • "Inflated Claims for Genesis 1—Recent Cosmological News and Ancient Cosmologies", Bible and Interpretation April 2014 ( link)
  • "Star Light, Star Bright: How Astronomy Fails to Explain the Star of Bethlehem", Bible and Interpretation Feb 2014 ( link)
  • The Star of Bethlehem: A Skeptical View. Onus Press, 2013.
  • “The Star of Christ in the Light of Astronomy”, Zygon: Journal of Science & Religion (March, 2012), pp. 7-29.
  • “Science, Scholarship, and Bethlehem’s Starry Night”, Sky & Telescope 114, 6 (Dec 2007), pp. 26-29.

Talks & Conferences
Southwest Popular/American Culture Conference, Feb 9-12, 2018 (forthcoming)
  • Flat Earth Beliefs around the World
Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Nov 19-22, 2016
  • Euhemerus and the New Testament: The (Re)birth of a Legend
Southwest Popular/American Culture Conference, Feb 10-13, 2016
  • Astronomical Prophecies in 2015: Blood Moons and the Return of the Star of Bethlehem
  • Chaired session on sci/tech
Second Conference on Laboratory Instruction: Beyond the First Year (BFY II), July 22-24, 2015
  • Creating and implementing activities for advanced labs for physics majors
University of Groningen, Oct 23-24, 2014
  • The Star of Bethlehem: Astronomical Observations in the Context of Antiquity (Conference, Invited)
AAPT, Summer 2012
  • Project Based Learning: A Review and an Implementation (Talk)
  • Probing the Origins of Students' Naïve Preconceptions: Force and Motion (Talk)
  • Using a Roller Coaster to Teach Physics: A PBL Implementation ( Poster)
Course 0: Science, Religion, and AstronomyMIT. February 2017 ( video)
The Star of BethlehemMerrimack College. December 2015 ( video )
How did the Universe Begin? Armchair Atheism. July 2015 ( video )
The Star of Bethlehem. Skeptics in the Pub Cologne. October 2014 ( video )
Ancient Aliens Debunked? Paranormal Review Radio. September 2014 ( video )
Thinking & Intuition. SSA 2014 Annual Conference - East. July 2014 ( link )
Ancient Aliens? Illini Secular Studence Alliance. April 2014 ( link
The Puzzeling Figure of Jesus. SSA OSU. October 2013 ( video
Ancient Aliens? Finding ETs with Artifacts, SETI, and NASA. SSA OSU. September 2012 ( video )
Skepticism and Astrology. Skepticamp Columbus.  July 2012 ( video )

Ph.D. Physics, The Ohio State University (2013).
M.S. Physics, The Ohio State University (2011).
B.S. Physics, Michigan State University (2008).
B.S. Mathematics, Michigan State University (2008).
B.S. Astrophysics, Michigan State University (2008).